Meet The Jessups

Jessup Ranch Soaps was born in the Spring of 2016. While living in Texas, I (Grace) had convinced my husband, Sebron, that our family should get a milk goat. I had dairy goats growing up, and I love the hands-on work and all that goes into their daily care. Around that same time, we bought a bar of goat milk soap at a local market and we fell in love with the deep lather and the silky soft moisture from the milk. I was totally convinced I could make soap and began pouring over Pinterest for recipes and ideas. Sebron was on board with the idea, and a few weeks later I brought my first very pregnant dairy goat home to the ranch. Two days after that she delivered twins and I was in business!

My first few attempts at soap making were feeble and ended with the entire batch having to be thrown away. This happened to my first three attempts. I was so discouraged and wanted to give up, but Sebron kept encouraging me and pushing me to keep trying. That night I made my first ever successful loaf of soap and Jessup Ranch Soaps became a reality!

Our soaps are made with raw goat milk from our own goats on the ranch, along with pure therapeutic-grade essential oils and fragrance oils. Because I am a stay at home Mom, soaping is a side business and all the batches are small and made with care. We take great pride in our soaps and hope you love them as much as we do!

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